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Purple Pineapple

Come Prepared

First things first! As an exclusive private members club it's worth noting that not everyone is guaranteed membership

Have a look at our membership page and contact us to see about how to apply.


Every night is different here at Purple Mamba Club, so it's worth noting that different events will have a different dress code and suit different tastes! Generally, the dress code for the evening will be detailed on the specific event, found on our What's On page - but as a general guide, our dress code is usually smart. 

On Saturday nights, think delicious cocktail dresses, lingerie and sharp, crisp shirts that ooze sex appeal.

On a kink orientated night, experiment with lace, latex and leather and mix it up to show off your dark side.

On a Friday, think date-night - keep it cute, dress up and leave the world outside to step into your fantasy.

Thursdays and Sundays are a time to relax, make new friends and show off your personality. Smart casual is fine, think of coffee dates and fun. 

We've some ideas on our Pinterest board for Ladies and Gents 


Dress code

We want members to feel comfortable, so any dress code for specific events is there for a reason - to help set the mood for a great night out!



Feel free to bring your toys to join in the play - or learn all about different toys and how best (and safely!) to use them through our workshops and kink nights!


Happy Attitude

We love our members here at Purple Mamba Club, and we exist to see them smile! Come with the right attitude to spread good vibes all weekend long and make the most of your night!

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